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The design studio was founded in the early 80's by the archt. Fernando Russo with the knowledge that the architect's task is to defend the simple things and to educate people to the beauty without haughtiness and vanity; a humble, but very important mission.
From the 80's to now our business has been a continuous increase: many projects were worked out and among the works realized can be ascribed cathedrals, castles, noble mansions, museums, and in general many numerous restoration works; also have been designed and carried out entire residential neighborhoods, restructurings and entirely renewed designs of public buildings, social and multi-functional centers, recovery programs and plans of large and environmental interesting urban areas, detailed and implemental urban planning schemes.
Currently is part of the studio archt. Fernando Russo himself, supported by a team that collaborates stably forming a team of analysis and design that works on issues of particular complexity, consisting of young architects and experts in different disciplinary areas, such as diagnostics and restoration of monuments, consolidation, structural planning and analysis of new technologies in relation to designing, plant design, geotechnics, lighting engineering, analysis and landscape-environmental design. 
The professional competence of each team component in specific fields of intervention, combined with the already proven experience in team work, under the architect’s coordination, represent key factors to join in the best way the specific professional knowledges with the abilities acquired in the concrete realizations, the technological innovations and the professional update with the tradition and almost "craftmade" wisdom of the building yard experience, in substance, the "knowledge" and the "know-how to do". And it is precisely on the "know-how to do" that the team has focused its work, moving its steps from Mies’ aphorism "when you lay two bricks carefully you begin to make architecture".  Working  with care” is the ingredient that  brings together the team work. The care in using them.
To achieve these purposes, are particularly suitable the human resources that the professional studio can employ.
Our organization’ strengths are: the in-depth operational expertise on the technical and procedural regulations concerning the implementation of the public offices; the competence in the field of restoration gained with post-graduate studies and refined with the implementation of several design interventions and supervisions of works; the specialist expertise in quantifying  and improving the technical-economic projects, that progressively has been grown more refined, so being able to offer professional guarantees on the completeness and the yard’s feasibility; the internal Design Service, consisting of  proven experience’s architects, engineers and technicians. 
Intellectual commitment of the architect hasn’t limited to the professional practice, but also ranged in a broader cultural activity, with the publication of books and participation as a speaker at conferences and seminars.
In 2012 the studio, completing its evolution towards more accomplished teamwork’s forms, decided to formally establish its interdisciplinary character, becoming FèRiMa.