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Program of Urban Renewal and Sustainable Development of the Territory

Enhancement of the artistic and cultural heritage of the municipalities of Lecce - Galatina - Poggiardo.

  • Client:
    Municipality of Lecce, Municipality of Galatina, Municipality of Poggiardo
  • Year:
  • Type:
    urban planning
  • Status:
  • Team:
    archt. Fernando Russo
  • Consultants:
    dott. V. Puolato, dott. S. Adamo
  • Location:
    Territory of Lecce
The PRUSST has as its objective the improvement of artistic cultural heritage on the territory of Salento. 
Has affected various areas: from cultural resources, systems of local services, eco-friendly—productive system, to the system of mobility, that integrate themselves realizing the objective of improving the quality of the urban contexts, internal mobility to the town and with the territory (light underground "Stream" and/or eco-friendly systems, internals and outdoors parkings, services areas,  completion of the railway interchange, etc.)