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Basilica of Saint Caterina

Restoration project of the frescoes, belltower and musealization

  • Client:
    Archdiocese of Otranto
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Status:
    finished work
  • Team:
    archt. Fernando Russo
  • Consultants:
    Lorenzoni Restauri, Maioli Group
  • Surface:
    3300 square meters
  • Location:
    Galatina (LE) - Italy
The conservative restoration project involved in the complex the whole Basilica orsiniana and in particular the pictorial cycle, that is the main episode of the painting of the early Fifteenth century in Apulia, the pictorial cycle of the seventeenth-century Cloister, the masonry apparatus , the belltower, the reliquary cabinet of the Seventeenth century as well as the musealization of the Treasure of the Basilica.
The Basilica has a longitudinal system with three naves and two ambulatories. The central nave is covered by groin vaults supported by pillars polystyle. The ambulatories and the small naves are estranged to ogival barrel. The choir, deep and octagonal, concludes the central nave; it was commissioned by Giovanni Antonio toward the middle of the Fifteenth Century, illuminated by five high large splayed windows. At the corners of the octagon, three pseudo-columns emphasize the structure, that, at the top,  culminates with the umbrella-shaped dome highlighted by eight ribs to view rising from the capitals. Leaning against the back wall there is the grandiose sepulchral monument  of Giovanni Antonio Orsini. (translated by Irene Bonifacino)