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Saint Peter's Basilica

Consolidation project and restoration

  • Client:
    Archdiocese of Otranto
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Status:
    finished work
  • Team:
    archt. Fernando Russo
  • Surface:
    70 square meters
  • Location:
    Otranto (LE) - Italy
St. Peter's Basilica is one of the medieval buildings of the South more related to the constructive tradition Byzantine; Its first plant, dates back to the 5th century, with additions and revisions from the 8th century until the 12th century. The interior is divided into three small aisles, supported by eight columns: four, in the middle, hold up the monolithic dome and four are embedded in the load-bearing masonry.
The basilica is entirely decorated with frescoes dating to the 10th-11th centuries representing biblical scenes: on a barrel vault of the nave situated on north-east, is depicted the scene of The Last Supper (L'Ultima Cena), and the Washing of the Feet (Lavanda dei piedi); in the intrados of the right south wing there is the Baptism of Christ (Battesimo di Cristo); on the east wall is placed the aedicula of St. Peter; instead with frescoes dating back to the 14th century on the apse on the left is shown in the center the Madonna with Child Blessing (Madonna con Bambino benedicente), on the right side St. Nicholas  (San Nicola) and on the left St. Francis (San Francesco);  in the central apse the representation of the Dead Christ (Cristo Morto) lying on the arms of the Virgin, with the two Maddalene on the sides; in the other areas of the Basilica a succession of Saints added at a late age (late 16th century - early 17th century). The degradation of the monument focuses in particular on external wall facing and covers and on the pictorial film of the frescoes.
The restoration project intervenes on the phenomena of alveolization (disintegration) and efflorescence present on  walls facing beaded or not, and on the cover as well as on wooden fixtures and on the lighting system.
The interventions planned concern the structural consolidation of the mansory systems and external mortars through operations of the "scuci-cuci" (patching) method , hinging and cleaning, consolidation, and integrations. As regards the murals have been used particular interventions of restoration of the pictorial film. (translated by Irene Bonifacino)