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Project for a room

  • Client:
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Status:
  • Team:
    archt. Riccardo Russo
  • Surface:
    10 square meters
  • Location:
    Lecce - Italy
"The risen space of the room is enough to liven up, to revive, to evoke the most insignificant and fleeting memories as well as the most essential ones". (Perec).
The space of the new room, extracted from a double volume within a photographic laboratory, is essential: an open bookcase, made up of posts and brich transvers, closed by polycarbonate glazed alveolar panels, marks the interface with the photographic laboratory below.
The surface almost ethereal of polycarbonate contrasts with the materiality of the wood listels that panel the short side of the room. A work top (surface) emphasizes the depth of the space, bounded on the shorter sides by two cupboards, of which the one that joins the existing masonry creates a small living space, a bow-window in a mediterranean style.
The cupboard frames the new opening to the existing internal courtyard, while the bow-window becomes a small observatory overlooking the courtyard. Two laminated beams,  anchored to the existing masonry, raise the new volume.
The choice of materials, wood, and polycarbonate, as well as the construction dry type is linked to the need not to overburden the lamellar structure and to abbreviate the execution time and to facilitate the transportation of the components in the building yard.
An essential space, that with its strength remains in the background, allowing those who will live it to hoard them freely.
(translated by Irene Bonifacino)