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Tenuta Giardini Nuovi

Restoration project of the villa “Ex Portaccio” and recovery of the agricultural landscape

  • Client:
    Tenuta Giardini Nuovi Farm
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Status:
    finished work
  • Team:
    archt. Fernando Russo
  • Consultants:
    archt. Riccardo Russo
  • Surface:
    21.000.000 square metres
  • Location:
    Villa Convento (LE) - Italy

Tenuta Giardini Nuovi opens the doors to its guests after a patient and careful work of recovery of the original agricultural and residential destination . The tenuta is composed by a succession of small gardens concluded and vast open spaces, punctuated by the presence of the historic home of the villa which is accompanied by the establishment in wine. The restoration project has affected not only the two buildings, abandoned and disused for over twenty years, reconverting them with a new mix of residential uses and production, but also the entire agricultural land through a landscape design ad hoc. The tenuta is accessed by two strong pillars flanking the deleted original elegant wrought-iron framed by two tall chestnut trees. A short avenue bordered by a low wall divides two vast areas planted with vines and leads to the large old villa. The heart of the tenuta is made up of a nineteenth century villa which is spread over two floors. From the large entrance hall passer-by, the central hub of the entire historic home, you access the suite and the large staircase leading to the private apartments upstairs. The entrance hall opens into a lovely enclosed garden, organized around a Magnolia tree. From the garden there is also access to a spacious cellar, a single large room with vaulted ceilings, organized as a multi-purpose space, able to accommodate special events , both recreational and cultural. The small enclosed garden joins a larger garden, divided into two areas by a path covered with vines, in the bottom of which was recovered a round tub, dating back to the construction of the Villa. Preceded by an orange grove, the winery where you can leave for a healthy walk along the tree-lined with cypress trees, interspersed with fruit trees and oleanders , which separates the fields from the vast area of the ancient quarries of tuff (now in the process of environmental arrangement with a re-forestation and plantation of olive trees ) , these entirely walkable. The project involves the renovation of the winery reuse for agricultural purposes with a more appropriate wine production process aimed at better performance and manufacturing quality of the environment. Being a plant built in the 60s it should be counted in the establishments tied to tradition and then brought to the new standards and requirements of the "agricultural system" married to the reception including a residential area. After careful restoration, carried out in full respect of ancient forms and materials and original colors, the Villa stands today among the incredible blue sky and the green of Salento vineyards and olive groves of the Valley of Cupa, a large depression in the ground that encompasses the area south-west of Lecce.