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Castle of Copertino

Project for the restoration and development of the Castle

  • Client:
  • Year:
  • Type:
  • Status:
  • Team:
    archt. F. Russo (team leader), archt. R. Russo, eng. M. Cappiello, eng. G. Milella, A. Carbonara
  • Consultants:
    DZ engeneering s.r.l. - Goppion s.p.a.
  • Location:
    Copertino (LE) - Italy

Castle Evangelista Menga is one of the most important and fascinating architectural attractions of the city of Copertino, and one of the major castles of Salento.
The choice of the Regional Directorate for Cultural and Landscape Heritage of Puglia to complete the usability and setting up interventions with advanced technologies for a full enhancement of the architectural complex is undoubtedly the strategic choice that was expected for years.
The aim of creating a "discovered Museum" is undoubtedly essential, but the goal of the complete tour of the military architecture structure fascinates even more, if implemented with innovative tools,  both inside and outside, in particular through a multimedia presentation and a communication system which allows a clear and immediate perception of the architectural system in which are located.
The restructuring work is mainly characterized by the enhancement and the functional recovery of the preparation , the endowment of the necessary works to the overcome architectural features barring advance to the handicapped and to equip the museum with an innovative multimedia system aimed at knowledge and at the castle tour.
The proposals for improvement consist of: revision of the structure and composition of the footbridge and lift with the environmental reorganization of the terrace (now closed to the public); a higher accessibility (even by the disabled) of ramparts with the insertion of wall bearings on the first floor in the multimedia path designed as small observatories to the surrounding landscape; the redefinition of the ramp inside the moat for access to the  vehicles of Firefighters through the system of the mechanically stabilized earth, and adaptation of slopes in accordance with current provisions; new artistic lighting system capable of enhancing the good architectural according the intended use of the areas in full compliance of lighting technique and chromatic scenarios, as well as ensure adequate lighting operation of the environment and energy costs; new multimedia system coordinated with the architecture of the castle and communicative graphics: integrated constant flow chart of the production of content, exhibition design and combine use of media, passive 3D projection with two projectors to allow you to obtain a result of greater visual impact, providing passive 3D glasses to raise the managerial problems of active technology, supply and installation of illuminated display panels, Tablet developed for the museum tour description for both systems in order to make it usable by a wider audience.