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Urban Regeneration of Bitetto

Revitalisation of the historical center and urban network neighbouring

  • Client:
    Municipality of Bitetto
  • Year:
  • Type:
    urban planning
  • Status:
    work in progress
  • Team:
    archt. Fernando Russo
  • Consultants:
    archt. F. Rutigliano, archt. R. Russo
  • Surface:
    230.232 square meters
  • Location:
    Bitetto (BA) - Italy
Our purpose is to revitalize the historical center, the neighbouring areas, the urban network more degraded that needs urban regeneration through interventions to adapt primary and secondary services, in addition to encouraging the subsidized  and conventioned social residential building (young couples, old people). 
Interventions provided by PIRP put the objective to reach an adequate level of sustainable mobility, the allocation of new public services and subsidized housing for young couples and old people.  
Continuing the rehabilitation of the municipal assets located within the historical center, with the objective to recovering the decommissioned and uninhabited heritage, want to allow the return to it of the young couples with the objective to revitalise a historical center laying deserted.  It proposes to create 7 accommodations which, added to those in course of recovery with the ministerial funds, would lead to 14 lodgings of residential building subsidized. By the restoration and renovation of the bishop's Palace, owned by the municipality, the town will be provided with those missing services in the public interest, such as the civic museum and art gallery, the library and a historical archive, the music and seminary room. Are also planned infrastructure works fundamental as the completion of the sewer network, the revision of the flooring in basaltic stone inside the historical center, the bike trail and the pedestrian path along the perimeter of the walls and the old center, with areas equipped for elderly persons and game of minors. The PIRP has undertaken the need, denounced by the community, to give again the right impetus to local arts and crafts and therefore it has developed the idea of creating a place equipped for the performance of the local textile and fair market.
Finally, to encourage the sustainable mobility has been postulated a public parking-exchanger area: this parking will allow to leave cars outside the city center and to reach the urban center by a transport lighter and less pollutant, such as the bicycle. (translated by Irene Bonifacino)