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Regeneration program for the suburbs in Lecce

Redevelopment integrated program of peripheries IV district Rudiae – San Pio's quarter

  • Client:
    Municipality of Lecce
  • Year:
  • Type:
    urban planning
  • Status:
  • Team:
    archt. F. Russo, archt. M. Beccu (ABDR)
  • Surface:
    453.371 square meters
  • Location:
    Lecce - Italy
The hypothesis of localization and the proposal of functional use derive from the characteristics of the place and from the succession of the transformations that part of town is going through.
It is in fact a part of the city that has traditionally hosted the first industrial settlements, which in part are still active, and where instead were decommissioned, still mark with their strong presence the fabric of the city and the town memory, offering themselves as main points of an ancient urban cohesion and as subjects of a possible civic reorganization.
Those that propose, in fact, are designed to force the direction of a part of the city that is progressively changing function, increasingly becoming a part of the city dedicated to the education, culture and the young people users.
The PIRP  steps in redevelopment of the residential building existing subsidized and the offer of special accommodation to young couples and young university students. Not by chance the area to be requalified is within the sphere of influence of Faculty of Cultural Heritage, under the lee of a a marginal debris area between the ex Tobacco Factory and a railway section close to a debris area of roas network provided for PRG, but not feasible because it is not resting on the urban network already built.
Strong point of the PIRP is the redevelopment of a vast area of the neighborhood through the implementation of a green lung, the so-called "villa" or park. 
In the neighborhood there are already some private parks, but to join up Villa Reale,   Torre Belloluogo's park and the new public park proposed, would raise the level of the quality of life in the neighborhood and it could be an aggregation moment between children, yonug and old people. The idea of regeneration of the quarters provided by the "PIRP instrument" is completely assumed by the proposal that we after wards will develop more in detail. 
The PIRP of Rudiae's quarter is also characterized as an instrument of "public initiative" which defines the aims and the objectives to be pursued also with the involvement of organizations and institutions outside the Municipality, that in our case are presented essentially as interventions of the IACP and the University.
It follows tha the involvement of private enterprises through a competitive public call will may take place only after the approval of the PIRP by Apulia Region, whereas  the involvement of institutions as the Iacp and the University can be realized through conventions. (translated by Irene Bonifacino)